Fun Facts!

  • Cade used to have a different name.

Originally, I’d named him Merrick. I’d done a lot of research and found it on an Australian name database, and fell in love with it right away! But then I decided to read a few books within the Elemental genre, and I was astounded to find the name had already been used! Brigid Kemmerer had written a whole series of books based on the Merrick brothers who could control the elements! I was astonished. I mean, what were the odds?? Regardless, I changed his name. Now it’s hard to imagine him as anyone but Cade! ♥

  • The beginning of Elemental Secrets was different.

In the original beginning, I had chapter 1 starting out with Val being picked up at the pier by her Aunt Marge. They had an interesting cab ride to the airport where Marge’s quirkiness was introduced to the reader much sooner. And on the plane, I had a scene with the flight attendant hilariously running through the protocol demonstration. All in all, they were fun scenes to write, but didn’t move the story forward in the right direction, so they were replaced.

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