Scene before crashing the party in the woods

Cade stood about twenty yards outside of the firelight radius. His breathing was uneven and his nerves were jittering like he’d had too much coffee.
Xavier glanced over at him from behind a tree maybe ten feet away. “You sure you want to do this?” It was apparent his little brother was conflicted by his desire for retaliation. “There’s other things we can do to piss him off…”
“No.” Cade’s eyes hardened into stones. “We’ve been planning this for days now, and we’re going to follow through.”
Xavier sighed. “God knows, they deserve it. But… you don’t seem like you’re really feeling it.”
“I want to do this, okay?” he snapped.
What he wouldn’t admit was that he didn’t want to do it with Valerie around. It suddenly seemed too petty of a trick if she was watching. She wasn’t right then. In fact, she looked like she was getting shit-housed with the girls. And if the plan went off without a hitch, she would have no idea that he was there at all.
It was dark, and Cade couldn’t see much, but the earth and vegetation devotedly cleared a path for him as he moved. A quarter of the way around the circle of light he found Mikhail, Kale for short, staring at the flames.
Cade ducked down. “You think you can extinguish the entire bonfire to give us a heartbeat’s head start?”
Kale smiled effortlessly. “Absolutely.”

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