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WINNER | Rite to Reign Scavenger Hunt!

Oh my goodness you guys... there were almost 500 entries in this giveaway! I am SO amazed at how well things went! Thank you ALL for participating, following me, and supporting Rite to Reign! ♥ And now, without further ado, the winner of the prize for my stop in the...

Rite to Reign — PUSH WEEKEND!

Hey guys! This weekend, the authors of the Rite to Reign boxed set (which includes ME lol) are doing a massive push! What does that mean? It means, we're trying to get as many people AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE to preorder Rite to Reign this weekend! Our dreams of making the...

Rite to Reign Scavenger Hunt!

Hello lovely people! Today is my stop on the Rite to Reign Scavenger Hunt! I'm so glad you're here, and I think you will be too, because I'm going to be giving away a TWO-part super-awesome prize!!! PART #1: Work Your Light, Oracle Cards This is seriously one of the...

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