Welcome to September’s Author Spotlight!

This month, we’ll be featuring the lovely Heather Renee, author of the Raven Point Pack trilogy!

41990802_327986021287863_7292777034642620416_nELLE: Who’s your favorite Fantasy/PNR/Dystopian, etc. heroine? Why do you love her so much?

HEATHER: Ummmm… that’s like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. Not cool. But I will tell you the first person who came to mind. Jessa from the Supernatural Prison trilogy by Jaymin Eve! She is smart, confident, knows her worth, and is a complete badass. She doesn’t take crap from anyone. I wanna be her when I grew up.

ELLE: What does your typical writing day/schedule look like?

H: I write the most on weekends when I’m working a novel and I write best in the mornings, so I typically get up between 7-8am, write for a few hours then spend my afternoon with the family, possibly writing again in the evening depending on my deadlines. I aim for 10K words a week.

ELLE: If you could have ONE magical power… what would you choose, and why?

H: Teleportation so I could visit all the wonderful places in the world and see my friends who live way too far from me.

ELLE: What is your strangest habit? (Doesn’t have to be writing related)

H: Hmmmm… I think I’m quite normal. Hahaha! I normally like to write in the quiet, but if I feel like noise I almost always turn on Twilight to play in the background. #twihardforlife

ELLE: How many words-per-book (and words-per-day) do you aim to write? How long does it usually take you to complete a novel of that length?

H: I usually aim for 55-60K per book and I set a weekly goal of 10K as mentioned above. Less on week days and more on weekends. Play catch up where I need to be. I takes me about 6 weeks before I’m ready to send a book to the editor.

ELLE: What’s your favorite book-to-movie adaptation?

H: I don’t have one. The movies never do them justice. I know I previously said I was a twilight fan for life, but even those movies didn’t do Bella justice from the Bella I knew in the book. I prefer books to stay as books unless they want to make the movies six hours long hahaha

ELLE: What’s the most effective marketing strategy you’ve tried? And how did you go about implementing it?

H: I’m pants at marketing. I recently worked with OTOH Books and Rebecca helped me with newest release. I enjoy writing. I’m all for paying other people to do what their good at while I focus on the writing.

ELLE: You may choose 3 fictional characters to be on your team in the zombie apocalypse…
Who are they?

H: OMG! I just asked this question in a party yesterday hahaha Sorry easily entertained over here… back to the question. I would bring Braxton Compass from Supernatural Prison trilogy, Caleb from my Raven Point Pack trilogy, and Jordan from my Falls trilogy.

ELLE: What’s the best writing tip you’ve received, or would give to a fellow author?

H: Write a little bit every day. Make it a habit. The more you write the better you get it, so don’t give up. Even it’s a 100 words one day. Every word counts.

ELLE: In my series, The Essential Elements, the characters have the ability to control 1 of the 4 Classical Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind).
If you could control ONE… which would you choose, and why?

H: Water. I love water. It fascinates me.

41779783_290657334863680_6343284379678146560_nELLE: Please tell us a bit about your latest release!

H: My newest release was a rapid release trilogy called Raven Point Pack. Books are titled Shades of Fury, Shades of Magic, and Shades of Deceit. It is an Upper YA/New Adult series about wolf shifters. Sassy strong woman and fierce protective men make up the characters along with a bad guy or two. It’s available on Kindle Unlimited as well. I had the best time writing these books and I hope to revisit their world again late next year for some spinoffs.

Thank you so much, Heather!

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Until next time, awesome people…

— Elle ♥

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