This is seriously awesome news!

First, Once Upon a Rebel Fairytale… NOW, Rite to Reign!

preorder Rite to Reign on Amazon TODAY!!

Bomb queens

(You can also preorder on ANY of the other major retailers!!)

These boxed sets are particularly amazing because:

a) the theme of twisted fairytales is freaking amazing!

b) the theme of royalty & witches/magic is super kickass!

c) you’re getting 25 (TWENTY FIVE!!!) novels for the price of a very, VERY cheap one — just $0.99!! (99 PENNIES, you guys!)

I know what you might be thinking. How do I know the books inside are even any good? Well, you don’t lol but I do! Here’s the thing. Even if you only enjoy ONE book in the whole damn set, then you still only paid $0.99 for that amazing book! so it’s STILL a great deal! But what if you enjoy half of the stories? or ALL of the stories?? well then, you most definitely lucked into something awesome, didn’t you? ♥

Personally, I think it’s most definitely worth the chance. You might just stumble across your new favorite author!


— Elle ♥

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