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Sorry the August spotlight is so late! Buuuut better late than never, right? LOL

So, this month’s spotlight belongs to USA Today bestselling author, Catherine Banks (again! lol) Luckily, I whipped up an all-new set of questions JUST for this second interview, so I hope you all enjoy getting to know her even better! ♥

36252570_104955660417875_7358867304198701056_oELLE: What Hogwarts House do you belong to?

CATHERINE: Don’t hate me, but I don’t know.

E: How many books do you usually write per series? Also, per year?

C: My series are usually 3-4 books, but I have a longer series planned that I’m really looking forward to writing.

Per year? That’s changed significantly this year from last year. This year I’ve written 10 and have 2 more close to finishing. I hope to finish 3 more before the end of the year. However this is not my average lol. I’d say 4 per year was my average prior.

E: If you could have the power to see the future or change the past, WOULD YOU want it? Why or why not?

C: I would want to see the future so I could make a decision and then immediately know how it would turn out. That way I could change my mind if things turned out wrong.

E: How would your best friend or pet describe you?

C: Crazy, but loving and very loyal.

E: Do you have any daily routines you try to follow? (Especially those associated with writing. Even if they seem unrelated lol).

C: After my day job, I come home, plug in my laptop to the power cable, mechanical keyboard, and mouse that await it on my desk. Then I shower, feed the kids, eat, and make sure I’m good for the night. Then, I write until bed time.

E: What’s your favorite television/movie series that includes elements of magic or the supernatural?

C: I don’t have a single favorite. That would be too hard! But I love the movie Princess Bride. I love the TV series Eureka. Also, I watch a lot of anime with magic or supernatural elements so I can’t pick one of those either lol.

E: What’s the best money you ever spent as a writer?

C: My laptop. Its It’s a Dell XPS 13 and is light and compact but has a full-sized keyboard. I take it to my day job to write on during my lunch break. It is so much better than my last laptop that weighed five pounds at least. Haha.

E: Who is your favorite character you’ve ever written, and why? What book are they from?

C: I don’t have a favorite. That would be like choosing a favorite child. Haha. Pirate Princess was one of my favorite books to write because it is full of action and I love the cast of characters there. I love that the main characters from my Little Death Bringer Series bridge over in book two of the Pirate Princess Series. It’s fun to see the four characters interact.

E: How do you handle criticism and negative reviews?

C: It stings when you get those, but I just remember that you can’t please everyone. Yes, I have some nasty 1 star reviews, but I also have some amazing 5 star reviews. Just like some people love Twilight and others hate it. It’s okay for people to dislike your books. Everyone has different tastes.

E: How do you define “success,” and have you reached it yet?

C: I decided I was successful when I had more than 5 people I do not know list me as their favorite author. However, my ultimate goal will be earning 5 figures a month. That’s the ultimate dream. *Stares off into space with a wishful sigh*

FB_IMG_1534347023459E: Please tell us a bit about your latest release!

C: My upcoming release, The Pawn, is actually a story I started more than a decade ago. I improved on it after taking a mythology course in college, but didn’t truly finish it until this year. I loved this story and the characters. I’m extremely hopeful that others will enjoy it. The Pawn releases November 3rd and is up for pre-order now!


Thank you, Catherine!

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