Hey everyone!

It’s nearly September, and I’m SUPER excited!! Wanna know why? 😀


Happy Birthday (1)

The weekend of September 19, 20, and 21 will be filled with fun, games, presents, and MORE FUN! lol Just join:

Elle’s Belles | PARTY ROOM

And come party with us! I would absolutely LOVE to have you there!

Guest Authors include:

Rae B. Lake  /  Helen Scott  /  CK Dawn

Scarlett Kol  /  Christine Ashworth  /  Francesca Vance

Carly Fall  /  isra Sravenheart  /  Sedona Venez

Cecilia Randell  /  Michelle Dare  /  H.M. Gooden

Nicole Kelley  /  Candace Osmond  /  India Kells

Jen L. Grey  /  Catherine Banks  /  Harper Wylde

Adrienne Blake  /  JA Culican  /  Natalie G. Owens

Shawna Romkey  /  Crystal Ash  /  Lee Ann Ward

PREORDER Once Upon a Rebel Fairytale TODAY!!!

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My novel, A Crown of Blood and Ashes, is in this boxed set, and I can tell you right now — it’s a GREAT collection! There are so many talented authors and entertaining stories! You don’t want to miss it!

You can read an excerpt of A Crown of Blood and Ashes HERE! 

PREORDER Rite to Reign NOW!!! 

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This is another amazing boxed set you won’t want to miss out on! My novel, Queen Witch, is included, along with TONS of other fantastic stories by some truly incredible authors!

You can read an excerpt of Queen Witch HERE! 

Shared world fantasy series with SIRENS!

This series is going to be absolutely EPIC! My novel for the set is called: Siren Awakened, and it’s already SUCH an awesome book! The concept, the plot, the characters, the setting… ahhh! I LOVE it! I just know you will too!

I’ll be having a reveal for this GORGEOUS book cover in my reader group/street team:

Elle’s Belles!

(I’m hoping it’ll be in September sometime!) PLEASE feel free to join! I love making new friends, finding new readers, and interacting with loyal fans! You guys rock my world! ♥

NEW fantasy series!

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am for this! It’s still a BIG secret, but I can’t help it! I needed to say SOMETHING!

Stay tuned, because there’s going to be a LOT more info coming on this series very soon!

The Essential Elements

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This series is currently being re-branded & re-vamped! Unfortunately, it’s taking MUCH longer than I originally expected 🙁  Don’t worry, though! I am NOT giving up on it! I’ll get it re-published as soon as I possibly can!

I really hope you guys appreciate the changes that I’ve made. It alters the story quite a bit, but plot-wise, it’s DEFINITELY for the better. Some of the scenes are still the same/similar. The characters are the same, though some now appear more or less than they originally did. The love triangle/square is virtually non-existent, so that’s a plus! lol the magic plays a larger role, and happens sooner in the book, so the beginning isn’t so slow 🙂

Basically, they’re going to be AWESOME!! I can’t wait to relaunch them!

You can read an unedited excerpt of Elemental Secrets HERE! 

I guess that’s all for now!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post! I plan on writing posts like these every month or so from now on 🙂


Until next time,


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