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This month’s fantastic #AuthorSpotlight belongs to USA Today bestselling author, Kristin Van Risseghem!

kristin van risseghem - bwELLE: Who’s your favorite Fantasy/PNR/Dystopian, etc. heroine? Why do you love her so much?

KRISTIN: I am behind the times a bit since I just read the Throne of Glass series in the spring. So I’ve gotta say Celaena Sardothien/Aelin Galathynius. Enough said.

ELLE: What does your typical writing day/schedule look like?

K: Well I wake up and go to my day job, which is fortunately in my living room. I work from home. Then over my lunch hour I do all my marketing items for the day. That could be posting to FB, Twitter, and/or IG. If work is a slow day, I might do some writing, but most of it happens after I log off the day job. Sometimes I’m up until the wee hours in the morning writing (or reading).

ELLE: If you could have ONE magical power… what would you choose, and why?

K: I would have magic so then I could give everyone what they truly desired.

ELLE: What is your strangest habit? (Doesn’t have to be writing related)

K: All of the cans in the pantry have to be stacked and facing the same way. You’d think I’m OCD, but I’m not. That is the only thing that has to be that way.

ELLE: How many words-per-book (and words-per-day) do you aim to write? How long does it usually take you to complete a novel of that length?

K: Lately I’ve been doing anywhere between 3k-5k words per day. My first series is about 75k per book. My latest series is 56k. Now that I’m more experienced, it takes me about 2 weeks to write a first draft.

ELLE: What’s your favorite book-to-movie adaptation?

K: Harry Potter

ELLE: What’s the most effective marketing strategy you’ve tried? And how did you go about implementing it?

K: Time change and you have to be willing to do almost anything. I’ve done ads, group promotions, paid promotions but I think the most effective has been Newsletter swaps. I do see them not being as effective as it has been in the past.

ELLE: You may choose 3 fictional characters to be on your team in the zombie apocalypse…
Who are they?

K: Hermione Granger (b/c she’s the smart one who has magic), Celaena Sardothien/Aelin Galathynius b/c she’s a badass, and Thomas (from Maze Runner) since he’s the cure.

ELLE: What’s the best writing tip you’ve received, or would give to a fellow author?

K: If you want to publish a book, then you have to write it.

ELLE: In my series, The Essential Elements, the characters have the ability to control 1 of the 4 Classical Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind).
If you could control ONE… which would you choose, and why?

K: Hum … it’s a toss between fire and water. While many people might think fire is destructive, it can be, but it’s also a necessity. Water is also the substance of life … so maybe water, then.

daggers and dressesELLE: Please tell us a bit about your latest release!

K: Daggers & Dresses is the second long-awaited installment in the Enlighten Series. The story continues 17-yo Zoe’s path on finding out who she is, what she’s destined to do and how her protectors fit into her life and the prophecy. She’s an angel with powers and demons are after her.


Thank you so much, Kristin!

To find out more about Kristin, please visit her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bookbub!


–Elle ♥

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