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Hey guys! This month’s Author Spotlight belongs to L.C. Ireland!

lc - bw - enhancedELLE: If you could be any fantastical being, which would you choose, and why?


L.C.: I would be a mermaid. I was the kid who pretended to be a mermaid every time I was even somewhat submerged in water. Swimming pool, the beach, even the bath tub were all my mermaid realms. I would be one of those mermaids who went back and forth between having a tail and having legs. Having a mermaid tail would be fun, but it would also be super inconvenient! I’d be a mermaid who could survive both saltwater and fresh water.




E: What does your typical writing day/schedule look like?


L.C.: For now it’s pretty hectic. I teach elementary school during the day, so I am plenty busy. I tend to write in the evenings. Unfortunately, my muse hits the strongest at about midnight, when I should be sleeping! I’m still trying to find the balance between my day job and my writing.




E: Is there anything you simply must have in order to write?


L.C.: I generally need a pretty quiet environment to write. I can’t write while someone is talking in the next room or the television is on. I can’t even write while music is playing. I need complete silence to focus.




E: What is your strangest habit?


L.C.: I started writing as a playwright. When I’m writing conversations, even in my novels, I’ll talk to myself. Sometimes I’ll get up and act them out, as well. I talk to myself all the time, which sometimes gets me strange looks when I’m story plotting out in public!




E: Are you a Planner or a Pantser?


L.C.: I’m kind of a hybrid. I have to know some details and the basic skeleton. I need to know the ending I’m working toward. But then I just let myself go. My stories evolve as I write. If I try to outline it too strictly, I feel like I’ve trapped my muse. It takes me longer to write when I have a detailed outline. But I’m paralyzed by indecision if I don’t know the ending I’m writing toward.




E: What’s your favorite book>to>movie adaptation?


L.C.: This is a hard one, because I actually hate book-to-movie adaptations. I almost always enjoy the books more than the movie. If I totally love a book, I won’t see the movie. If I do see the movie, I’ll just get mad! That being said, Holes is probably my favorite adaptation because they kept the movie so close to the book.




E: Best advice for aspiring writers?


L.C.: Write. Write now, and keep your writing. I wrote prolifically in my teens, but threw most of it away. Now that I am a professional writer, I wish I still had those stories I started as a teen. Don’t worry about your writing being perfect the first time. It won’t be. But you can’t revise a story that doesn’t exist. Get it written first, then you can shape it into what you really want. Also, keep a journal. Write when you are upset and sad and just recording daily things. I fall back on my journals often to understand how I reacted to things when I was younger. I think my journals have helped keep my younger characters feeling authentic.




E: What are your favorite themes to write about?


L.C.: I love writing about characters overcoming their fears. Characters faced with extraordinary, seemingly impossible trials who find the strength to persevere. I was the kid that was always daydreaming, lost in my own little world. I love to capture that wonder by writing fantasy.




E: It’s the zombie apocalypse! You may choose 3 fictional characters to be on your team. Who are they?


L.C.: Professor McGonagall from the Harry Potter series, because she is the best. Captain America. And Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. (The cartoon series, NOT the movie. *shudder*)




E: In my series, The Essential Elements, the characters have the ability to control 1 of the 4 Classical Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind). If you could control one, which would you choose, and why?


L.C.: Oooh! I would choose wind. I had a trampoline when I was a kid. I loved pretending I could control the wind when I was jumping up and down. One of my favorite books is Shannon Hale’s Goose Girl, in which the main character harnesses the wind. I would choose wind because wind or air is basically always around us, making it easier to always have your chosen element handy. Wind feels weak and wimpy, but with enough of it, wind is a force to be reckoned with.




Follow the Music Kindle CoverE: In just ONE sentence, please tell us about your latest release!


L.C.: Young musician Ama discovers that her music is magic after being kidnapped by bandits and deafened in the process.





Thank you so much, L.C.!

For more about L.C., check out her website.

You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.


–Elle ♥

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