#AuthorSpotlight! @KattyB3

Its a lovely May day! Please welcome author Katherine Bogle!

author katherine bogle - bwElle: If you could be any fantastical being, which would you choose, and why?

Katherine: I would definitely be a dragon! I mean, who doesn’t want to be a dragon? You’re nearly unkillable, can fly around all day, and can breathe FIRE.

E: What does your typical writing day/schedule look like?

K: On a day where I’m actually writing and not procrastinating I usually get up, eat breakfast and drink coffee (LOTS), before I even get started. If I’m just starting a book I’ll spend time looking over my timeline/outline and thinking over the coming scene. If I’ve already started, I typically read what I last wrote (a few pages, up to a chapter), and then read in my outline what’s to come (just the chapter I’m about to work on). Then, finally, I write! There may or may not be some procrastinating on social media in there…

E: Is there anything you simply must have in order to write?

K: My laptop. I’m not a fan of writing by hand. My fingers/hand cramp WAY too quickly for that crap.

E: What is your strangest habit?

K: Staying up until 4am and waking up after lunch every day. It’s a bad habit, but I’m way more productive this way.

E: Are you a Planner or a Pantser?

K: Planner! I haven’t pantsed a book since the very first I ever wrote. I plot, plot, plot, and outline like hell! Fun fact: some of my outlines have been more than 10,000 words long!

E: What’s your favorite book>to>movie adaptation?

K: Oh that’s a tough one! I’m typically not a fan of books turned to film, but I was really impressed by how they handled the Hunger Games series. Even though some things of course were changed, I think the movies turned out great in the end.

E: Best advice for aspiring writers?

K: I know this has been said a million and one times, but WRITE. Write as much and as often as you physically can. The more you write, the better you’ll get. The better you get, the more you’ll potentially sell. It’s also a great idea to get critique partners and beta readers for feedback as soon as possible. How will you know if you’re improving if you don’t have people tell you what you’re doing wrong?

E: What are your favorite themes to write about?

K: My favorite themes to write about have to be equality and perseverance. I won’t say much more as I like the reader to draw their own conclusions about the themes in my work.

E: It’s the zombie apocalypse! You may choose 3 fictional characters to be on your team. Who are they?

K: Oh man. Let’s see… Mad Max, Gandalf and Michonne. Depending on the type of apocalypse, I think I’d be good with these three.

E: In my series, The Essential Elements, the characters have the ability to control 1 of the 4 Classical Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind). If you could control one, which would you choose, and why?

K: The destructive, likes pretty things side of me wants to say fire, because let’s be real, fire is kind of bad ass. But I honestly think water would be the best out of the four as it is so diverse and can be conjured from pretty much anything.

E: In just ONE sentence, please tell us about your latest release!

Savages cover only

K: This is totally cheating, but here’s the first line of the blurb:

“Daughter of Chief Ruin, Breen is one of the most fearsome warriors in the Southern Delica Tribe, but nothing can stop the Emperor from reaping the Savage Lands for soldiers.”

I spent a lot of time crafting this sentence, and nothing sums up what the story is about better.


Thank you, Katherine!

For more about Katherine and her books, check out her website.

She’s also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Or you can find her on Goodreads and Amazon.

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