#AuthorSpotlight! @arielesieling

Hello, everyone!

Please welcome Ariele Sieling to our first ever Author Spotlight!

ariele - bw - enhancedElle: If you could be any fantastical being, which would you choose, and why?

Ariele: A dragon! Because I like fire and I would love to be able to fly. I’d be a grandmotherly old dragon, though, not the angry kind that steals princesses and hoards gold. I’d roast pigs for the town festivals and take kids on dragon rides.

E: Dragons are a nice choice! What does your typical writing day/schedule look like?

A: First, I go for a walk. Then I sit down at my computer and do 2 – 4 hours of paid contract work. I have a variety of clients, and do everything from web content to copy editing to helping people publish books. Then I eat lunch, and possibly go for another walk. Then I spend the afternoon (3 – 6 hours) either brainstorming, writing, or marketing, or all of the above on a good, productive day.

E: Is there anything you simply must have in order to write?

A: Quiet. Noises from outside, cats, music—it all distracts me. The only noise that works okay is rain or a fan, and sometimes I’ll throw on a YouTube video of rain as white noise to drown out other distracting noises. I also need water handy, because oddly enough, I get really thirsty when I write.

E: What is your strangest habit?

A: I put frozen peas in almost everything I eat. I picked up the habit in college when I tried to give blood, but I was slightly low on iron. I couldn’t afford to eat meat regularly (cuz college) so I looked at other options besides taking it as a supplement, and peas was my favorite solution. Cheap, easy, delicious. I’ve never been low on iron since.

E: Peas! Interesting lol Are you a Planner or a Pantser?

A: Definitely a pantser, but I’m a deliberate pantser. I start out with an idea, a character, or a scene in my head, and then I set targets to hit. For example, I might know that a certain monster has to appear, or I might know that my characters need to get to a certain place. But how that happens and what they do in between? That’s a surprise!

E: What’s your favorite book>to>movie adaptation?

A: Possibly The Hobbit. Or The Lord of the Rings. Actually, no, it’s Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Absolutely hilarious. I also enjoyed Netflix’s TV adaption of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, and I’m looking forward to the TV adaption of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Should be interesting.

E: Best advice for aspiring writers?

A: Always write, even if it sucks and you think it’s terrible. Just keep swimming (or writing, in this case).

E: Good advice. What are your favorite themes to write about?

A: Hope. I’m a big fan of hope. Adventure. Curiosity. Exploration. I honestly don’t really think much about themes until after I’m done with the book. I find it just distracts me and makes my characters less realistic.

E: It’s the zombie apocalypse! You may choose 3 fictional characters to be on your team. Who are they?

A: I just need one: The Doctor.

E: In my series, The Essential Elements, the characters have the ability to control 1 of the 4 Classical Elements (Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind). If you could control one, which would you choose, and why?

A: Wind if it would let me fly.

3E: idk about flying lol but Wind is still a great choice! In just ONE sentence, please tell us about your latest release!

A: I am working on a new project, that I will hopefully begin releasing in the summer—a post-apocalyptic world filled with monsters!

Thank you so much, Ariele!

Check out her website.

She’s also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Or if you prefer, look her up on Amazon.

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