#blog (2.11.17) Q&A regarding real reviews of Elemental Secrets

hey everybody!

I was just on Amazon and Goodreads, checking out what you all had to say.

First of all, THANK YOU to the very special people who decided to give Elemental Secrets 5 (FIVE!) stars! You guys are so amazing, and it’s incredibly encouraging to know there are people out there who truly enjoyed the characters & story.

Second, I’d like to respond to a few comments. Not to be an ass, but to help clarify any confusion you might be having lol

Harems – hahaha! there was actually more than one person who wondered/hoped this might be the case when it came to the “love square” lol I understand the sarcasm, don’t get me wrong. but allow me to assure you, the love square won’t even be a love triangle by the end of the second book. Val matures even further and finally makes a choice lol 😉

Elemental longevity – somebody wondered why Elementals were fighting each other if there were so few of them (due to their magical child-bearing restrictions). Well. If Elementals are essentially immortal, and they can each produce an Elemental heir or heiress, then that’s basically doubling the Elemental population with every generation. There’s not as few as you think. And when it comes to fighting… well. Does it ever make sense? Is there not always a risk of completely decimating an entire population? Do the baddies ever care about these consequences? I feel like this should be common sense, but that’s not how it typically works.

Loner vs. party girl – many of you hated this transition. “how do you go from loner to party girl over night??” the thing is, she was really only a loner when her dad was deployed and she was stuck in small-town Pennsylvania. When she lived on the navy bases, she was much more social. (Her dad’s friends from the military had kids of their own who then became Valerie’s friends). In the transition, she was sort of just learning that she could be that same girl in PA, that she was on base. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough on the back story in order to make this seem viable, but still, that’s how/why it happened that way 🙂

1st half/2nd half book action – some of you love the first half of the book, and hated how it changed in the second. some of you thought the beginning was boring, and that it didn’t pick up until the last half. some of you thought the ending was totally unrelated and was just a ploy to hook readers into reading the sequel. I think all authors want readers to read the sequel! but let me say this: I know how all of this is going to pan out. I created these people, I created this world, I know this story. I didn’t just throw a random ending on to “hook” readers. I knew it was going to happen. the first half deals more with high school drama and romance. the second half deals more with Elementals and power. But, when you learn that something supernatural is REAL, how could you just go back to high school life as normal? I think the heavy shift into Elemental territory was practical. if I downplayed the power/magic it wouldn’t be as exciting! It might feel abrupt to the reader, but I think it would feel abrupt to Valerie, too. so to me, it just made sense.

global warming – someone mentioned that the climate change aspect of the book was off-putting. I don’t even know where to start. This book involves ELEMENTALS: beings who control Wind, Water, Fire and Earth – essentially, they control the weather. It’s also a fictitious book, keep in mind. The idea that Elementals might be behind global warming/climate change is an interesting concept for a novel. I certainly don’t claim to be a scientist, and this book certainly never claims to be non-fiction.

that’s it for now lol I think these items of confusion/frustration will get ironed out better in Elemental Lies! I hope you read it and agree!

–Elle ♥

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