hey! thank goodness it’s the weekend! lol

this week has been FULL of junk. dentist appts, doctor appts, pharmacy trips, grocery trips, school cancelations, early dismissals, and sicknesses. That last part is what sucked the most. I’m getting a cold now, but that’s only because my children have already had nasty coughs, fevers, and colds. in fact, my baby boy actually has pneumonia right now 🙁

I’m working on edits that I got back from my betas, and that’s taking some time. I’m hoping to get back to some forward motion soon, though! Then again… I keep getting distracted by these two (yes, they’re different) upcoming series. I’m just SO excited to write them! Sometimes I just have to take a break from the Elementals and give some time to the Assassins and… Angels? (I guess that’s the closest thing to call them). lol

quick reminders:
1. the Goodreads Giveaway is still going on until February 8th! there will be 10 signed paperback copies of my book, Elemental Secrets, being given away!

2. Elemental Lies is still up for pre-order! September 20th is the faraway date I chose, but if it’s ready for publication before then, I’ll definitely get it out sooner!

I hope sickness is staying out of your houses! If not, get well soon!

thank you for being awesome!


— Elle ♥


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