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we need to discuss #motivation vs. #discipline…

…because I clearly need help. lol

Point blank: motivation shouldn’t be an issue.

Regardless of whether or not you have it, it shouldn’t dictate anything in your life. You shouldn’t wait to go to work until you feel motivated (writers, that’s us lol), you shouldn’t wait to exercise until you feel motivated, you shouldn’t wait to tidy up until you’re motivated, or even wait to sleep until you’re motivated.

Because honestly, who’s to say when that fickle little shit will show back up, anyway?

No. we need to be disciplined. I know this, you probably know this too. So why the hell is it so hard to put into action? It sounds so simple. maybe it is? but if it’s simple and I still can’t seem to do it, then what exactly is that saying??

Let me just tell you what I’m talking about (personally).

My husband, Brent, helped me very loosely plan my day (because when I try, I attempt to nail down every detail to the half hour, and that doesn’t seem to work). Basically the main things I want to spend time on are: writing, exercise, diet, and family (not least of all). his plan for me was this: wake up, get the kindergartener on the van (yeah, our district sends kids to school in vans because it’s more cost effective than buses… weird), get the baby down for a nap, make sure the middle child doesn’t need anything, then do an exercise (Piyo, at the moment – I love Beachbody!), do a household chore (because I slack so hard at that), grab a quick shower, then BAM! by earlier than 11am, I have the entire rest of the day to focus my attention on writing and kids.

It sounds incredibly simple. in fact, it probably IS incredibly simple! and yet… I’ve been unsuccessful at keeping up at it.

WHY??? I don’t know…

I’m obviously not disciplined enough to do what needs done. examples: getting to sleep at a decent time, doing a damn exercise no matter how many excuses I make, eating right no matter how good that PB&J sounds, doing the dishes because it only takes like 15 easy minutes, writing instead of dicking around on social media, etc. lol

Brent also believes that if I force myself to do these things for long enough, they’ll become good habits. and totally I believe him! The problem is that I detour long before I have a chance to engrain a habit into my system.

I’ve tried sticky notes, schedules, writing on my skin, wearing reminder bands, plastering motivation pictures/phrases all over the house, and nothing has actually worked. Not long enough to make a permanent difference, anyway.

What are your tips, suggestions, mottos, methods, insights, etc. that keep you in line???

(Just asking for a friend…)


— Elle ♥

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