#blog (1.22.17)

hi! ♥

How are you all on this foggy Sunday morning? the weather for the past few days has been simply beautiful here in Pennsylvania! I hope you’ve been out enjoying it 🙂

Top news for this week? I joined a new facebook group that has been amazing so far! #IndieAuthorSupport. What an awesome group of ladies! (and maybe a few men? lol they must be hiding). Within just a few days I’ve managed to have numerous questions answered, and many new editing opportunities. I’ve already added a couple new Beta Readers to my team, and so far that’s been a wonderful decision! they’re really great girls.

In other news, the pre-order link for #ElementalLies is finally up on all 5 major retailers(Amazon, Barns & Noble, Google Play, Apple iBooks, and Kobo)!! if you haven’t checked it out already, go ahead and click HERE.

my daughters are 4 & 5, and they’ve both started Tumbling Classes this year in preparation for joining a Tiny Competitive Cheerleading Team this spring! We go to class on Sundays, though, so I’ll be moving my blogging day over to Saturday in order to have an adequate amount of time, which is definitely not a problem 🙂

That said, I have to go for now! Are any of your children involved in sports or activities? If so, what kind? If you’re an author, how do their activities affect your writing time/ career as an author?

til next time…


—Elle ♥

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