hello there!

I’m going to try to blog every Sunday (or at the very least, once a month). So here goes. lol

A few things to note:

I’ve updated the site a bit! Particularly the “connect” section, but also “bio” and a few other very small things. There will soon be a physical mailing address for fan mail (yay!) and there’s now a contact form for any bloggers out there who’d like the opportunity to feature me or my book in an interview, guest blog post, favorites list, book playlist, etc. so that’s pretty cool! I look forward to all that entails ♥

And – ooo! – I now have a tumblr account! I’ve been having a lot of fun creating little collages for the main characters in Elemental Secrets. They’re mostly just my personal ideas on what they might look like (and actually, Cade, Holden and Loren aren’t who I’d originally pictured lol) but it’s been great! I’d LOVE to see your ideas expressed visually. What do you think the characters look like? What are you favorite character quotes?

Okay! There’s also a month-long Goodreads Giveaway going on right now for Elemental Secrets. click here to go there now 🙂  There will be 10 signed books being given away by February 8th, so make sure you sign up if you’re interested!

And finally an update on Elemental Lies. There isn’t much of one – bleh. My deadline needed to be pushed back again. This time, from January to March-ish. I think I’m not yet in the proper groove, the professional mindset necessary in order to write an entire novel on a timeline. I’ll get there with practice, I’m sure, but for now, I’m just doing the best I can. I really do hope I can get book 2 out to you guys asap, though! Trust me, I want this trilogy finished and in your hands as much (if not more) than you do! lol

I think that’s all for this week lol

Thank you guys for being awesome! ♥


— Elle ♥


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