Elle Middaugh

did you see who liked my last tweet??? I’m still kinda #FreakingOut lol

in case you missed it: 

yeah. you read that. 


it’s things like this that really set authors apart. she’s a bestselling author and I’m sure she’s super busy, yet she still responded to a fan (even a “like” is a big deal!)

Chelsea Fine is another author who left a huge impression on me. she spent a lot of time messaging back and forth with me, answering my questions and giving advice. I’ll never forget how ecstatic I was when I saw she ACTUALLY replied! haha

Julia Sykes is another who was kind enough to write me back and offer advice. 

the AMAZING thing is… I have actually been on the other side of that fence. as a newly published author, I’ve had a fan write to me expressing how much she enjoyed my writing and my book, and wondering if I had any tips or advice for aspiring authors like her – talk about a CRAZY AWESOME circle!  

basically, this is a thank you to all the wonderful authors out there who take the time to reach out to their fans. 

I hope I can continue to have opportunities to be one of those authors, too.

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