Elle Middaugh

#reading & #writing

you know what really helps when I’m feeling a little… uninspired?


If I can take a short break from writing and read some high quality work by a fellow author, it replenishes my well of creativity. I’ll inevitably start comparing my work to theirs, but in a constructive way. I’ll see the things I like about their style, things I don’t like, and how that compares to my writing. I’ll see passages I love and would like to try to mimic, and passages I might’ve written differently.

Just last night I read the first chapter of Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes, and I was almost instantly able to get back to my own writing. (I’d been in a slow slump previously, so the extra boost of creative energy was much-needed!)

Sometimes I forget how helpful reading is for writing, but I’m glad that there are plenty of amazing books out there to remind me!

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