wanna know who my dream-team zombie apocalypse crew would be? lol

then check out this guest post!



**Paranormal Romance/Fantasy is my favorite genre, however I’m beginning to like the dystopian twist added to those genre. I am convinced the Zombie Apocalypse is just around the corner. If I am correct, who would Elle pick to be on her “”team”” if she could choose anyone?

Allow me to just start this off by informing you that my husband and I are totally “preppers” when it comes to the zombie apocalypse lol We have a natural gas well on our property, a spring water well, guns and ammo (we’re from the countryside; it’s to be expected lol), a big garden, and once we get a generator and a few solar panels we’ll be able to go completely off grid if we ever need to and sustain ourselves for quite some time. And yeah, we figured all of this out while discussing the zombie apocalypse lol
So my “legit zombie-slaying team” would first and foremost include my husband, Brent. He’s probably the only one who might conceivably take a bullet for me (literal or metaphorical) if need be. Haha, MIGHT!
Obviously I’d want my family with us (and Brent’s family if they decided to leave the Midwest).
Now, as far as a “zombie-slaying dream team?” Hmm… I don’t watch much television so this might be a little interesting lol
GIRLS: Selene from Underworld, Katniss from The Hunger Games, Trinity from The Matrix, and Black Widow from The Avengers. (And I, of course, would want a skin-tight black jumpsuit as well. Because – SEXY! lol)
BOYS: Wade “Deadpool” Wilson from Deadpool, Tony Stark from Ironman, King Leonidas from 300, and Tallahassee from Zombieland.
Buuuut… let’s just hope that we’re wrong lol And that the Zombie Apocalypse is NOT right around the corner!  🙂

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