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Ten Ways Readers Will Fall For The Characters In Elemental Secrets.”



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Welcome author Elle Middaugh to MCBL with this top 10’s list!


1 These people can control the elements (Earth, Fire, Water, or Wind)! I mean, hello! lol how awesome is that?? :)

2. The main characters are real and relatable. They’re not just you’re stereotypical characters who play one basic, major role. They all have secrets that deepen the plot. They all change in different/interesting ways over the course of the series, as well.

3. They’re all attractive! lol that’s always a plus, right? But what I think people will appreciate most is that, because of this, Valerie eventually learns to base attraction on things other than looks. You’ll see this even more in the following books.

4. Family is an important aspect of Valerie’s life, and she actually has a good relationship with each relative. I think that’s sort of refreshing since a lot of stories hammer the darker side of familial life. (That’s not to say that it will never descend to a darker level, though).

5. The book embraces small town living. Everybody knows everybody, football games are a whole-town event, bonfires and parties in the woods are the norm, etc. There’s just a cozy aura about the setting that I think people will like.

6. Valerie’s father is in the navy, so there’s a bit of insight into military life. That aspect might be unfamiliar and interesting to some people, commendable and respectable to others, or it might even be identifiable (if you’re no stranger to deployments).

7. The characters’ abilities will refresh people’s love of nature. Our natural world is amazing, and I think we oftentimes forget that in this technological age. When you remember all the beauty and power that the elements hold, it’s hard not to marvel.

8. Valerie isn’t average. She’s not “you, me, or anyone”, “An empty face”, “A blank slate.” She is very much a defined character, though she’s young and still learning things/making mistakes. She’s confident and knows her intelligence and beauty. But she has anxiety issues, too, and she’s often teetering between ideas, weighing the pros and cons, questioning the lack of gray areas, and trying to decide what’s right for her. I think that makes her a pretty relatable girl, and a realistic role-model (you know, aside from the supernatural powers and stuff…)

9. It’s only sort of a love-triangle lol I know, I know, that angle gets old. But it’s high school! Sure, some people have a high school sweetheart and remain enamored with just that one person, but most people go through a plethora of failed relationships at that age! Personally, I can remember having multiple crushes at the same time, or a new crush every other week! So it’s interesting to see how Valerie handles each new crush that she develops (I guess that makes it more like a love-square or something lol). It might even be fun for the reader to speculate who the hell she’s going to finally end up with!

10. And finally… the rollercoaster of feelings and experiences the reader gets to share with Valerie will hopefully draw their hearts to her. She goes through some pretty awful things and has to make some pretty difficult decisions, but she also experiences joy and friendship and triumph. I think it’s hard to not love someone who you’ve shared a challenging journey and strong bonding experience with :)

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