this was the first interview from the Elemental Secrets Blog Tour. My last name got spelled wrong (lol) but it’s still a good interview! check it out 🙂


Hello everyone! I had an author interview with Elle Middaugh, the author of her new book Elemental Secrets! The book sounds so interesting, and I’ll be reading it soon, and stay tuned for the GIVEAWAY!


1. Who is your favorite author?

I think I’d have to say… Chelsea Fine. Not only did she write a series I adore

(The Archers of Avalon) but she was also the very first author I ever had a

conversation with. The fact that she actually took the time to reply, coupled

with her great advice, really solidified her as an amazing person, in my



2. Why did you choose this genre?

It just sort of happened. Light/Low Fantasy is a genre I ALWAYS write in. I

think I just truly enjoy immersing myself in an alternate/parallel world lol.

Same for Romance (I don’t enjoy books without a romantic element, so why

would I write books like that, you know?) As far as Young Adult as a genre, it

was actually a little difficult for me. I felt that I needed to keep the more

vulgar cussing and the sex content to a minimum, and it sort of went against

my initial instincts to do so lol Overall, it probably enhanced the richness of

the story, so I’m glad I did it.


3. Where did you envision this book?

I envisioned this book right where I placed it – central Pennsylvania! I know

a thing or two about the area considering I live in it lol! I sort of wanted to

represent where I come from, and it was obviously easy for me to never lose

sight of or forget the landscape in the story.


4. What is your most favorite part of writing this book?

My favorite part of writing the book was probably the character interaction.

Seeing how they react to each other and feed off of each other’s emotions is

really fun for me. Whether it’s playful banter or a heated argument, it’s

interesting to see how the characters will respond. And yeah, I’m one of

those authors who likes to let the characters sort of emerge on their own

with minimal conscious decision­making on my part.


5. What do you think makes your book stand out more than others?

Well, part of the reason why I chose to write about Elementals (rather than

Vampires, the genre I originally loved to write in) is because I wanted

something fresh. Vampires are still super fun to write/read about, but

everyone knows they’ve been sort of overdone. Elementals are obviously

NOT a new subject, but they’re definitely less common. Among Elemental

books, I think my book will stand out because of the ‘realness’ of the time

and location of the setting, as well as the ‘realness’ of my main character’s

thoughts, speech, actions and responses to challenging situations.


6. If this were to become a movie, which actor/actress would be a good actor for

which character?

I hate to answer this! I think it’s better if people can just choose their own

versions of the characters! Lol but I’ll comply😉 These are the people I

imagined when “watching” the story in my head:


Valerie – the girl from the cover. She’s a model on Shutterstock and I

WISH I knew her name! She’s so gorgeous!

Cade – Max Irons (a rather unpopular match in others’ opinions lol)

Holden – David Henry (another unpopular match lol)

Sienna – Megan Fox

Loren – Olivia Wilde

Chase – Chris Pine

Elise – Amber Heard

Xavier – Xavier Samuel

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