Hey everybody!

I just wanted to share the exciting news that my book (Elemental Secrets) is currently on a Blog Tour! It’s my first-ever blog tour, so I’m pretty excited about it lol. I don’t know what to expect, exactly. Obviously I’m hoping it’ll help expose the book to more readers, but I have no idea how effective it’ll be as a tactic. I guess I’ll find out soon! Then again, I’ve read on numerous sites that the best way to be a successful author is to have multiple books available, and since this is my FIRST and ONLY book out so far, I can’t expect too big of a miracle lol Regardless, I’m still excited!

It’d be super awesome if you guys followed along with the tour! There are excerpts, interviews, guest posts, top ten lists, and a playlist. You can find the tour schedule [HERE]

thank you all & I hope you have a great night!

— Elle

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